About Us

At Chandelier we greatly pride ourselves as a sophisticated and elegant wedding & banquet venue that strives to exceed your expectations with outstanding service and quality that only a professionally trained group can provide. We realize that “dream events and “affordability “do not always go hand in hand. However, as a dedicated wedding and banquet hall it is our goal to bridge that gap and bring the very best available for our guests at affordable price points.

The venue itself is completely customizable from 900-10,000 sqft and can accommodate 50-500 guests depending on your needs. With modern touches, classic flourishes, flexible floor plans, and intelligent designs, our wedding reception/ banquet hall can provide your idyllic setting so that your event is tailor made to be a perfect and unique experience.

To add, our group at Chandelier is one of the best in the business. Professionally trained and armed with decades of hospitality experience, you can expect the Chandelier team ready to work for you. We pride ourselves on taking the extra steps that make incredible events. Give us a call today to inquire about your event. Our staff is friendly and always available to answer your questions: (702) 528-1021

-The Chandelier Team, “True Elegance at your reach.”